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LA Express Park

Can’t find a space to park? Let LA Express Park™ find it for you! LA Express Park™ is bringing drivers to parking spaces faster and easier than ever.

  • Apps and changeable message signs guide you to the nearest available parking space
  • Dynamic pricing means that drivers can find more spaces at high-demand locations, while drivers willing to park a few blocks further out can find parking at more affordable rates
  • Now in Hollywood: signs with the look of vintage Hollywood guide you to the most popular destinations of your choice

LA Express Park™ launched as a pilot program in Downtown in 2012 and expanded to Westwood Village in 2015. In 2018 the program expanded to the Hollywood Entertainment Core. As proven in Downtown and Westwood, with less people circling the block looking for spaces, the result is less traffic congestion, less fuel consumption, less hassle in finding parking, and a faster travel time to your destination.

For more information, visit LA Express Park™

Meter Mobile
Payment Apps

Mobile Phone Apps to Pay Parking Meters

The City of Los Angeles offers a cashless payment option for parkers at designated on-street and off-street parking meters.  Citizens and guests doing business in, or visiting Los Angeles, can use mobile payment apps on their smartphones to pay for parking at smart meters included in the program. The program includes several areas within the city and other areas will be phased-in in the future. This method of payment provides a more convenient and effortless experience for drivers.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has partnered with:

PARK SMARTERTM (https://www.ipsgroupinc.com/parksmarter/)
ParkMobile (https://parkmobile.io/)

PARK SMARTER & ParkMobile provides users with:

  • Ability to receive a reminder message when a parking session is about to expire
  • Ability to extend a parking session up to the posted time limit without the need to return to the meter
  • Directions to open parking spaces based on the user’s destination
  • Ability to register multiple vehicles and payment cards per account

The PARK SMARTERTM app is currently available at on-street smart meters in Hollywood and Little Tokyo, and does not charge a convenience fee per transaction.

The ParkMobile app is currently available at on-street smart meters in Westwood and sections of Downtown, and at on-street pay stations throughout Los Angeles.  This app charges a nominal convenience fee per transaction.

Customers should look for the following decals on the side of the meters to identify the meters in the program offering the mobile payment options:


Pay By App

ParkMobile – Meters

Pay by App Parking

ParkMobile – Pay Stations

Pay by App