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LADOT traffic officers enforce all parking laws in the California Vehicle Code and Los Angeles Municipal Code. Traffic officers are deployed 24/7 and patrol the city in shifts throughout the day to address the problem of parking violators and respond to constituent complaints of parking violations. Last year, traffic officers issued about 2.3 million citations.

In addition to citation issuance, traffic officers perform a wide variety of duties.  Officers respond 24/7 to requests for traffic control assistance from LAPD and LAFD to help manage traffic at major emergencies, signal outages, and large-scale public demonstrations.  Annually, traffic officers provide traffic control services at over 6,000 Special Events throughout the City at venues such as; the Los Angeles Coliseum, Staples Center, Dodger Stadium, Hollywood Bowl, Greek theater, and the LA Marathon.  Traffic officers address over 138,000 abandoned vehicle complaints and recover over 4,000 stolen vehicles annually.  In addition to these activities, officers respond to requests for service from residents and enforce violations that helps maintain Public Safety.

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Contest a Parking Citation

Contest a Parking Citation

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Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

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Traffic Officer Complaint Form

Traffic Officer Complaint Form

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Obtain a Special Events Permit

LADOT assesses potential traffic impacts for each special event, develops plans to minimize traffic congestion, and posts temporary parking restrictions as well as deploys traffic officers and engineers to manage traffic before, during, and after a special event.

Learn more.

Become a Crossing Guard

If you are a LAUSD public school, contact the LAUSD Office of Environmental Health & Safety to request a crossing guard.

If you are a private school located within the City of Los Angeles contact your city council office to request a crossing guard.

Apply for a position as a crossing guard.

“I absolutely love making sure kids get to and from their school safely every day. I am proud to work with LADOT and the city.”
– Adrian Young

Join the Parking Enforcement Team

Join the Parking Enforcement team, apply to become a traffic officer.

Traffic Officer at work on the road.
Benefit from PayLock and Smart Boot Technology

This award-winning system makes it easier and faster for motorists who have booted vehicles to regain use of their vehicles. This convenient solution helps the City of Los Angeles resolve the most difficult-to-collect parking violations in the most user-friendly method possible. For detailed information about PayLock, please read LADOT’s Smart Boot Program Fact Sheet.

For 24-hour assistance call the booted vehicle (PayLock) helpline at (855) 288-2642.

Check for a Broken Meter & Park Legally

If the parking meter is not accepting coin payments, then you must pay with a credit card. If the meter is not accepting credit card payments, then you must pay with coins. If the meter is not accepting either form of payment, then you can park up to the posted time limit for free. Please report broken meters online or call our meter hotline at: (877) 215-3958.


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