What We Do

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is a leader in transportation planning, project delivery, and operations in the City of Los Angeles. The Bureau of Parking Management is the department responsible for the management and overview of parking related issues such as parking permits for residents, parking citations, meters, film permits, valet zones and much more.

The Bureau has oversight over preferential parking districts and parking facilities throughout the City ranging from small surface lots to underground parking structures. Our team of experienced professionals serves the City of Los Angeles and its constituents in-person at our public service centers, online, over the phone, and in certain cases via mail.

Our department partners with various City and governmental agencies to further extend quality service and assistance. The Bureau of Parking Management is comprised of five distinct divisions: Parking Adjudication, Parking Facilities, Parking Meters, Parking Operations & Support, and Parking Permits.

Ken Husting

Principal Transportation Engineer

Ken Husting is the Principal Transportation Engineer for LADOT’s Bureau of Parking Management. As bureau head, Ken is responsible for five divisions: Parking Adjudication, Parking Facilities, Parking Meters, Parking Permits, and Parking Operations and Support. He leads a team of engineering, technical and administrative staff charged with managing and maintaining citywide parking operations and infrastructure assets, including 116 parking facilities and 38,000 on-and off-street metered spaces.

A licensed civil engineer, Mr. Husting has over 20 years of experience with LADOT previously serving as the division manager for the Parking Meters Division responsible for parking technology and meter operations citywide, and the Highway Program Manager responsible for delivery of transportation capital projects.

Mr. Husting holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from California State University, Long Beach.

David Cataldo

Acting Senior Management Analyst II

David Cataldo is the Acting Senior Management Analyst II for the Parking Facilities Division with 22 years with the City of Los Angeles having previously served with the Department of General Services and the Community Development Department. As Acting Division Manager for the group, he oversees the operation and maintenance of all LADOT public parking lots and garages throughout the City. In his tenure with LADOT, David helped the Division grow from a small, cash only manual operation to a large technology and data driven operation, and become a crucial partner in affordable housing and development in Los Angeles.

David Cataldo holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University.

Michelle Cayton

Acting Supervising Transportation Planner

Michelle Cayton is an Acting Supervising Transportation Planner with 30 years of City of Los Angeles work experience in various departments and has more than 14 years of transportation planning and project management experience. As Acting Division Manager of the Parking Permits Division, she directs, manages, and supervises LADOT’s Parking Permits Program operations. Michelle is working on bringing new technology to the Parking Permits Division to create efficiencies, provide greater transparency, and enhance customer service.

Ms. Cayton holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration and Criminal Justice from California State University Dominguez Hills.

Jose Hernandez

Senior Transportation Engineer

Jose Hernandez is the Senior Transportation Engineer for LADOT’s Parking Meters Division. He serves as the division lead of the Parking Meter Planning & Maintenance Section and the Parking Meter Support & Technology Section. He has served the division as the lead guide throughout the City’s expansion of the intelligent parking management system commonly known as LA Express Park.

Mr. Hernandez has decades of experience working to implement technology-based solutions to improve parking throughout the City of Los Angeles. He has established and modified parking codes, policies, practices, rates, restrictions and zones. Mr. Hernandez also helps develop and promote relationships with elected officials, outside agencies, the private sector, and other organizations in relation to parking policies, practices, and technology pertaining to parking meters and zones. In his twenty-eight years with LADOT, Mr. Hernandez has had roles in Program Development, District Office, ATSAC Design, Railroad Crossing Safety, and Parking Meters.

Mr. Hernandez holds a BSEE from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Professional Traffic Engineer License since 2000.

Patricia Restrepo

Principal Project Coordinator

Patricia Restrepo is a Principal Project Coordinator with over 25 years of experience working as an administrator. She joined the City of Los Angeles in 2006 under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa where she served as his Executive Assistant and Director of the Executive Office. She now serves as LADOT’s Division Manager for the Parking Adjudication Division responsible for administrative hearings for parking citations and impounds. Patricia is focused on improving customer communications and service. Prior to her current position, she was the Interim Communications Director for LADOT.

Mark Granado

Senior Management Analyst

Mark Granado is the Senior Management Analyst of the Parking Operations and Support Division and serves as the Division Manager. He is responsible for managing the parking citation processing service, the day to day operation of initial reviews of citations, and the citywide parking meter coin collection service. He also oversees the Community Assistance Parking Program, a service that assists homeless individuals with their parking citations. Mr. Granado has long been committed to excellence in fiscal administration, striving for the highest standards of performance and accountability. He ensures that the City provides timely and sound judgement for all parking citation initial reviews and maintains the fiduciary responsibility to safeguard the City’s parking meter coin revenue.

Mr. Granado has been with the City of Los Angeles for seventeen years working for various Departments, which include the Office of the City Administrative Officer, the Office of the Controller, the Department of Water and Power, and the Office of the Treasurer/Finance. He has contributed to various successful citywide implementation projects and initiatives and provides strong experience with banking services, government accounting, budget, contracting, and managing personnel.

Mr. Granado holds a Master of Public Administration from the California State University at Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz.