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The City of Los Angeles’s Community Assistance Parking Program (CAPP) was created to assist homeless individuals with open or unpaid parking citations, by allowing him/her to pay in the form of community service. The Los Angeles City Council authorized the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to establish CAPP on February 14, 2017.

Participants of CAPP must provide a proof of completion form to the City of Los Angeles upon completion of service hours. To estimate how many hours are required for a fine click here.

For more information email us at Ladot.capp@lacity.org or call (213) 978-4400.

What is CAPP?

CAPP stands for the Community Assistance Parking Program. This program is administered by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and was approved by the City Council on February 14, 2017 to allow homeless individuals do community service in lieu of paying for a parking citation.

Can I participate in the program if I’m not homeless, but I am considered low-income?

No. The Program is specifically for individuals who are homeless.

Do all citations qualify under the CAPP Program?

No. Only parking citations issued by the City of Los Angeles qualify for the CAPP Program. No moving violations qualify.

My vehicle has been towed/booted. Can I apply for CAPP?

You can apply for CAPP assistance to enroll qualifying citations. CAPP does not pay for any tow or impound fines and/or fees.

Can I contest my citation by calling CAPP?

No, to contest your citation, you need to contact one of the Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) Offices in person or by calling 1(866) 561-9742, by mail or online.

What is the maximum number of citations for which I can perform community service in one year?

You are limited to a maximum of two contracts, with a maximum combined total of 10 citations and up to a combined value of $1,500 of fines and penalties per 12-month rolling period, which begins on the start date of the contract.

Can I perform community service for two CAPP contracts, concurrently?

No. The first contract must be completed before a second contract can be issued.

How many days do I have to complete my community service hours?

You are required to complete your community service hours within 90 days of signing your community service CAPP contract.

Can CAPP provide a DMV hold release due to Los Angeles Parking Citations?

Yes, upon successful enrollment into the CAPP program. However, it does not include moving violations and citations from other agencies.

Where can I do my community service?

The CAPP program has a pre-approved list of service providers and family solution centers in LA County. Please call CAPP for further details at (213) 978-4400. Some of our pre-approved service providers include: Weingart, the Dream Center, and the Union Rescue Mission.

What is a service provider (SP)?

“SP”: means service provider. This refers to providers of homeless services or regional community-based non-profit agencies funded to provide homeless services to homeless and at-risk-of-homelessness individuals and/or families. Examples of SPs that work with CAPP include: Weingart, Union Rescue Mission, or the St. Francis Center.

What is a family solution center (FSC)?

“FSC”: is a Family Service Center. These are regional community based non-profit service providers funded to provide standardized assessments and coordinated access to housing and supportive services, specifically designed for homeless families in LA County. The Homeless Care Managers and the Family Response Team will be located at the FSC.

Do I have to be the registered owner of a vehicle to do community service?


If I am undocumented, can I participate in CAPP?

Yes, participation in the program is not dependent on an applicant’s immigration status. As long as someone meets the CAPP requirements, they can participate.

Does CAPP help with housing?

No. If you are experiencing homelessness or in need of housing, please contact (213) 683-3333.

Do I need a HMIS # to enroll into CAPP?

Yes, a HMIS # is required for enrollment.

If I am already working with a service provider, can I do my community service with them?

It depends. Please ask a CAPP representative at (213) 978-4400. The service provider must comply with the CAPP policy & regulations. CAPP does not allow “double dipping,” or getting credit for a service that someone is already scheduled to do.

Does CAPP prevent boot and/or tows?

No, CAPP does not exempt participants from future tows, boots, or citations. Individuals must still follow the law.

CAPP Poster

Participants of CAPP must provide a proof of completion form to the City of Los Angeles upon completion of service hours. To estimate how many hours are required for a fine click here.

Service Provider Forms

Service Providers assist CAPP participants by providing them an opportunity to perform community service hours or receive social services such as job training, substance abuse counseling, and life skill classes, to name a few. In order to become an “Authorized Service Provider” under CAPP, service providers are required to complete and return the “Service Provider Form“.

Map of Service Providers

Please call CAPP at (213) 978-4400 for information pertaining to the Service Providers that work with CAPP. Service providers are available throughout LA County to provide opportunities for CAPP participants to perform community service hours or receive social services in lieu of performing community service hours.

Service Provider Training

If you are a service provider and are interested in participating in CAPP, view our slideshow presentation to help you understand your role as a CAPP Service Provider.

Exit CAPP Survey

Service Providers are required to have the CAPP participant complete a survey prior to signing off on the CAPP participant’s community service hours.

For more information email us at Ladot.capp@lacity.org or call (213) 978-4400.

CAPP-LADOT: Removing Obstacles to Conquer Homelessness