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How It Works

If a vehicle was impounded, the registered owner will receive a written notice within 48-hours of the impoundment of the vehicle. To locate the impounded vehicle please check with the Official Police Garage. The vehicle may be released prior to a Hearing by paying all outstanding fines and charges or retrieved after the Hearing. However, vehicles that are left in an impound lot acquire additional fees and charges that may be added to the registered owner’s payment.

You have the right to a Hearing if you believe your vehicle should not have been impounded. Hearing requests must be made within 10 days of the date appearing on the written notice. Failure to do so within the time limit ends your right to a Hearing.
Requests can be made by contacting one of our Enforcement Offices or you can contact the police station that impounded the vehicle.

The Hearing will consist of a Hearing Examiner and Impounding Traffic Officer of the Enforcement Area which impounded the vehicle. Witnesses and other evidence may be brought to state your case.

At the Hearing, the Hearing Examiner determines:

  • No Reasonable Grounds (the vehicle should not have been impounded) – the vehicle will be released without charges and/or owner will be reimbursed.
  • Reasonable Grounds (vehicle should have been impounded)- owner must pay all impound and storage charges

If charges are not paid to the official police garage, a lien can be made against the vehicle.


Impound Hearings

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