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How does the City set the hourly rate for parking meters?

The rates are established by City Council action for each of the parking meter zones (PMZ) in the city. The rates are adjusted in the LA Express Park areas (downtown and Westwood Village) based upon the parking demand. The goal is to maintain occupancy between 70% and 90% through pricing. The higher prices in the high demand areas create open parking spaces, which reduce the time spent circling, looking for a parking space. The lower prices in the low demand areas encourage parking space utilization.

How much is metered parking?

The cost or rates for metered parking areas vary throughout the City, and can be set anywhere between 50 cents to $6.00 per hour, depending on the area.  Generally, the higher rates are found in the higher parking demand areas, and the lower rates are found in the lower parking demand areas.  In some areas, the rates can also change throughout the day depending on the increases and decreases in the demand for parking.

Can I reserve a parking space?

Parking spaces cannot be reserved.

Why should my parking time at a parking meter be limited to the posted time?

In retail areas, one goal of the metered parking is to encourage turnover, which allows more shoppers to visit the retail stores. Therefore, the city has established time limits for the metered parking spaces. LADOT reviews these policies periodically.

How do I dispute an erroneous charge for parking?

Please call 311.

If the parking meter is not working or broken, do I have to pay for parking?

The parking meter is officially broken ONLY if it is not accepting both coins and credit cards, and therefore no payment is required.  If the parking meter is not accepting coin payments, then you must pay with a credit card.  If the parking meter is not accepting credit card payments, then you must pay with coins.  If the parking meter can grant time in return for payment for either of these two ways during operating hours, then you must pay the parking meter or park somewhere else.  If the meter is not accepting both forms of payment, then you can only park for free up to the posted time limit, which means the vehicle has to be moved (Please see California Vehicle Code Section 22508.5).  Please report broken meters online or call our meter hotline at: (877) 215-3958.

Can I pay the meter in advance of enforcement hours?

A majority of the parking meters are programmed with “prepay”. The exceptions are spaces with enforcement hours preceded with “no parking” restrictions such as morning peak hour restrictions (for ex. “Tow Away No Stopping 7AM-9AM Mon-Fri”), Street Cleaning No Parking restrictions, or other “No Parking” restrictions.

How do I set the time desired on the meter?

The instructions for setting the time are on each meter. If the buttons don’t work as described, call our meter hotline at: (877)215-3958 and report the meter needs to maintenance.

Does the City reset the meter to zero time when I leave the parking space?

The City of Los Angeles currently does not reset the meter to zero time when a car leaves the space.

Do all of the City’s parking meters accept credit card payments?

All parking meters in the city of Los Angeles have accepted credit card payments since January 2013.

Why can’t I pay for parking using my cell phone?

The city allows cell phone payments in Westwood Village and in parts of downtown. Current policies and procedures cause the battery life of the meter to be shortened severely. LADOT is working on a new method, which will not reduce battery life. As the new method proves feasible, more meters will be included for cell phone payment.

Will the City’s parking meters accept Apple pay?

Not at this time. LADOT will revisit this policy at a later date.

Why aren’t the parking message signs working?

LADOT has experienced many problems communicating with the signs. We are currently working on a new system which we expect will improve the reliability of the signs.

How do I report a broken meter?

If you notice a broken or vandalized meter, please report it online or call our meter hotline at (877) 215-3958.

What should I do if my credit card is stuck in the parking meter?

Call our meter hotline at (877) 215-3958.

How do I contest a citation?

If you have any questions regarding a parking citation you can call us on our 24-Hour Customer Care Hotline: (866) 561-9742. Citations can be paid online or contested online. Learn more.

If I run out of coins, is there a grace period to allow me to get some change nearby?

No. There is time to unload passengers and baggage from the vehicle, but payment must be made immediately. Los Angeles Municipal Code Sections 88.07, 88.13(b).

Where can I obtain a copy of a credit card parking meter receipt?

Using your credit card information, you will be able to obtain a copy of your credit card parking receipt as follows:

Passenger Loading Zone (PLZ) &
Commercial Loading Zone (CLZ)

Is there any fee for PLZ/CLZ requests?

Not at this time, but this matter is pending


For parking meter removal, can I pay with a credit card?

No, we can only take checks.


Does the City have a valet ordinance? If so, when was it passed?

Yes, the City passed the Valet Ordinance in October 2013

Who needs a Valet Permit?

Any valet operation which drives customer vehicles on public properties/right of way, even if the valet service is free. All valet operators must receive approval from both the Police Commission and LADOT.

How do I apply for a Valet Permit?

Applicants must submit a request with LAPD and LADOT. Please reference the valet request process on the Parking Meters Division webpage.

What if I am only operating the valet for one day, do I still need a Valet Permit?

You would need a Special Events Permit from the Police Commission; no LADOT approval is required.

Would my valet drivers need a permit?

All valet drivers must have a valid California driver license, and apply for a valet attendant permit. In addition, all valet drivers will be fingerprinted.


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